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Yurikamome – AGT in Tokyo

I lost a lot of photos and negatives to Ketsana. These included many about transportation systems in Japan during my 3 years while taking my doctorate. We loved to take pictures at railway platforms and I had a collection of photos of various trains approaching the platform including those taken by friends where I was in the picture as the train was approaching in the background. Fortunately, I have photos taken from more recent trips to Japan when I already had the benefit of having a digital camera for my shots. As I was browsing old photos, I came upon a set taken from a trip to Tokyo back in 2005. Following are a few photos I took when we went around the Odaiba district and used its popular Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) system called the Yurikamome or Seagull.

Station platform – notice the doors that automatically open and close along with the AGT doors

Another view of the station platform – notice the markings on the floor to designate queuing areas as well as standard  guides for blind commuters (these are the yellow, dimpled tiles)

Passengers’ waiting area with simple benches. The information boards for train arrivals are visible from this photo.

Entrance and exit to the station platform – both stairs and escalators are available to passengers.

The Yurikamome’s guideway, which looks like a road. The AGT uses rubber tires much like road vehicles and employs a suspension system that ensures a smooth, comfortable ride.

The Yurikamome is driverless (thus, automated). This is the view from the most coveted seats on the transit as the AGT approaches a station.