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Bus involvement in road crashes

The LTFRB recently release lists of bus companies that are in the top ten . Versions of the list may be found in this article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Manila Times, and The Philippine Star.

From the Inquirer:

“…The list is broken down into three categories—number of deaths, injuries and property damage—and is based on accident reports submitted by all public utility buses to the LTFRB. The lists published by the LTFRB cover the whole of 2010 and the first half of 2011.

Lists of the 10 most dangerous bus operators in Metro Manila:

Based on the number of deaths (passengers and bus personnel)

1. Admiral Transport
2. Nova Auto Transport
3. JAM Liner
4. Gassat Express
5. Joyselle Express
6. Philippine Corinthian Liner
7. Rainbow Express Inc.
8. Alberto Garating
9. Alps the Bus
10. EM Transit Service

Based on the number of injured (passengers and bus personnel)

1. Admiral Transport
2. Nova Auto Transport
3. AM Liner
4. Gassat Express
5. Joyselle Express
6. Miami Transport
7. Pascual Liner
8. Philippine Corinthian Liner
9. Rainbow Express Inc.
10. CEM Transit Service

Based on damage to property

1. Don Mariano Transit
2. Nova Auto Transport
3. Gassat Express
4. Miami Transport
5. Pascual Liner
6. Rainbow Express Inc.
7. Ropal Transport
8. A&B Liner
9. GELL Transport
10. CEM Transit Service”

The above are generally companies plying routes in Metro Manila. Meanwhile, the list mentioned in another article, this time from the Manila Times, identifies provincial bus companies that frequently got involved in road crashes:

“…Topping the LTFRB list is the Victory Liner, Inc. plying routes from Manila to Isabela, Bataan, Zambales and Benguet with 31 accidents from 2009 to 2011; 15 drivers died from these accidents. 

Second-placing Vallacar Transit Corporation had 26 accidents resulting in the death of six of its drivers. Silver Shuttle and Tours, Inc. is third with 24 accidents and 5 driver deaths

Fourth in the list, United Land Transit and Bus Company has routes from Quezon, Leyte and Samar with 18 cases of accidents killing four of its drivers.

Philtranco came in fifth with routes from Luzon and Visayas with 15 accidents and three driver deaths followed by the Five Star Bus Company Inc. and Valisno Express that has 14 road accidents each…”

While the reports above mention few statistics, there are actually more detailed information with the LTFRB. Such data have been demanded from them by Congressional committees “investigating” public transport franchising. In one meeting the LTFRB mentioned that it is coordinating with the MMDA in compiling the number of traffic violations for each bus company based on the MMDA’s records. Their preliminary results have shown that bus companies have been involved in thousands of violations! Perhaps these should be proof of the aggressiveness or recklessness of drivers in general? And I dare ask if these can be used to weed out public transport drivers who should have no right conveying the general public?

I just wonder what would be the statistics for PUJs, tricycles, trucks and private vehicles. These would be interesting to analyze in order for us to formulate better strategies and tactics for curbing road crash incidence, fatalities and injuries.