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Roads to Naga City – Laguna

In the previous post, I showed photos of road sections in Rizal I took during a trip to Naga City. This is a continuation but this time featuring sections of roads in Laguna. There are only a few photos I took of Laguna roads during our trip to Naga as I have taken many others before during other trips including seminars in Caliraya and projects in Quezon. Following are a few pictures:

Many sections in Laguna Province also have standard signs and markings but many signs are obscured by foliage and in this photo, banderitas from a past fiesta. Many sections along populated areas do not have shoulders mainly due to encroachment upon the road right of way.


Gigantic pipes leading to the turbines of the Kalayaan Hydro Electric Power Plant – the national highway passes through a section where on one side you have a view of the power plant below and on the other are pipes feeding water from the reservoir above where the elevation produces head for the generation of power downstream.

From the national road, one can get a nice view of Laguna De Bai. In some areas, however, the piles of garbage from makeshift dump sites are quite visible and presents the traveler with the sad state of waste management in coastal towns of the province.

Many sections of national roads in the eastern part of Laguna have excellent pavements with asphalt providing a smooth, comfortable ride. These also have good drainage though I am not sure about lighting/illumination since I have not had the chance to travel along these road at night.

Mountain sections though often do not have shoulders where vehicles may go to in cases of emergencies like breakdowns. Despite some steep sections where heavy vehicles like trucks and buses may slow down, there are no auxiliary or climbing lanes to allow for passing.

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