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Roads to Naga City – Lucena and its bus terminal

The national highway to and from Lucena are generally in good condition and appear to be quite wide, wider than you usual national roads even within the city proper. This is perhaps due to the provision of paved shoulders usually with widths the same as the carriageway lanes. I was also quite surprised that even in populated areas, there are few encroachments along most segments. There are also fewer parked vehicles taking advantage of the availability of space along the roadside. In the city itself, most city roads are also narrow but most

Upon reaching Lucena, we decided to make a stopover at the city’s central public transport terminal. The terminal, the largest in the province, is a very practical example of a centra facility that would allow for efficient services for travelers using various modes of transport including transfers among these modes. The terminal is located conveniently away from the city center and access roads are generous thereby minimizing the chance for congestion caused by public transport operations.


Typical highway section leading to Lucena from Tayabas – sections appear wide and there is generally little roadside friction due to few encroachments and parking.



Access roads to the public transport terminal are wide and there is low traffic even during peak periods. Mostly, traffic is comprised of buses, jeepneys and vans that also call on the terminal.

The terminal serves as a major stop for buses bound for Manila, towns in Quezon, the Bicol Region, and even those going to Mindanao via the eastern nautical highway. There is generous space for passengers and bus crews, including amenities such as toilets, stores, clinics, and eateries including some popular fast food restaurants.

Passengers and bus crews may wait at the benches or designated areas maintained by bus companies. The ample space can be perfect for some stretching after long rides.

Another view of the terminal with passengers loitering around.

The terminal serves jeepneys and vans that provide both local and long distance transport services. The photo above shows berths for jeepneys bound for Lucena city proper (left), and Pagbilao town (center). Travelers may also take vans bound for destinations in Laguna and Bicol.

The large terminal area also has more than enough space to serve as a general depot for many bus companies from where they can deploy their buses or where they can conduct maintenance checks or repairs.



Some internal roads are not maintained well and there are potholes on asphalt sections. Most internal roads are generally of good condition though there is a dearth in pavement markings and road signs.

Leaving Lucena, one is again greeted by generally good highways. My impression though, is that the quality of the road generally deteriorates as we travel further from the capital city. This, of course, is something that can be attributed to the DPWH district office in-charge of particular highway sections as well as the respective local governments (including the province) and especially congressmen who also have a say in the allocation and actual use of road funds.