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PNR Field Trip in 2003 – Part 1

I found some old photos from a field trip at the PNR we organized for our students back in 2003. I remember we had a big delegation composed of senior undergraduate students of Civil Engineering, senior Tourism students, and graduate students taking up MS Civil Engineering and MA Transportation Planning. The PNR was very kind to accommodate us and explain to the students how the company was making ends meet at the time. Many of us faculty and technical staff who were still fresh out of our stints in Japan were saddened by the state of the PNR and could only utter words of support and encouragement to its management. We are now quite happy that there has been significant progress in the past few years for both the commuter line and Main Line South.

Following are a few photos from that 2003 field trip:

Students gathered around an old bogey under maintenance at the PNR facilities. The two people on the right in the photo are Dr. Dayo Montalbo of the School of Urban and Regional Planning and Dr. Val Teodoro who was senior technical staff with the NCTS at the time.

Taking a closer look at a bogey with the detached cars in the background. The state of PNR rolling stock at the time was a depressing sight considering what was once a proud company.

A look at the maintenance facilities at PNR Caloocan. This is a far cry from the modern facilities we later saw at the LRT 2 Depot in Santolan, which was only recently opened at the time.

Barbells? These are the trains’ wheels. Other spare parts are in the background. To the untrained eye, the area where they keep the spare parts looks like a scene in a junk shop.

Locomotive coming in for maintenance. PNR rolling stock at the time have seen better days and required a lot of work in order to keep the trains running. Passenger share of the PNR was insignificant due to its often irregular service at the time, partly due to the conditions of its rolling stock and partly, too, because of the conditions of the tracks.

Students and their teachers during a light moment beside locomotives undergoing maintenance in the PNR garage.

More photos on the field trip in a succeeding post.