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Streetlights along Roxas Boulevard

Me and some colleagues decided to have an early lunch after a meeting in Manila one morning and ended up at a fried chicken restaurant at Malate along Roxas Boulevard. As it was still early, we were able to get choice seats with a window from across Roxas Blvd. and had a clear view of the road also known as R-1 and the service road between it and the restaurant. As we were exchanging stories and making observations of traffic during a summer morning we noticed the streetlights along Roxas Blvd. and casually exchanged remarks (and laughs) for what seemed like a “showcase” for different light posts along a road that is traversed not just by citizens of this country but also visitors (i.e., tourists).

That’s the 4-lane service road along Roxas Blvd. just across from the restaurant. Roxas Blvd. itself is on the other side of the island with the electric post at the center of the photo.

There are three streetlight designs along Roxas Boulevard, at least along the section in the City of Manila. The first one the right in the photo seems to have the atom as an inspiration. The second, at the center of the photo, looks like a torch with the flames shaped in red-colored steel. The third, on the left of the photo, looks like a swing or a hammock and is similar to the much-maligned lamps in Cebu City.

These different streetlights along Roxas Boulevard are definitely examples of folly. They are a waste of public funds and sadly has not led to the proverbial heads rolling as a result of the obvious waste of money. Moreover, there might also be a likelihood of money being pocketed by corrupt persons as is likely the case for such situations in the Philippines.