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Montalban Highway

The Montalban Highway is located between the junction with J.P. Rizal Avenue in Rodriguez, Rizal (formerly known as the town of Montalban) and the junction with Payatas Road in Quezon City, Metro Manila. It serves as part of an alternate but somewhat longer (distance-wise) route between Metro Manila (via QC) and the northern towns (San Mateo and Rodriguez) of Rizal Province. The other route is through the Batasan-San Mateo Road, which also has a bridge crossing the Marikina River. While it is longer, it is often the less congested road and may¬† perhaps offer faster travel (shorter travel times) between QC and San Mateo or Rodriguez. It is definitely the faster route to Montalban since travelers won’t have to pass through the town proper of San Mateo, which can get congested due to the local traffic and narrow roads.

Turning right from J.P. Rizal and unto the QC-bound side of Montalban Highway

The road is a 4-lane/2-way highway with a median island with a plant box separating opposing traffic.

Traffic is a mix of cars, tricycles, jeepneys, buses, even bicycles and pedicabs.

Along the highway is the Montalban Town Center, which has buildings on either side of the road midway through the highway. The buildings are connected by a covered elevated walkway.

Past the town center is the Montalban Public Market and the area reminds of what Kalayaan Avenue in Makati City looked like before it was widened.

We couldn’t understand exactly what the tagline “committed to change with honor” really meant, especially when it’s placed together with the sign for the market.

Tricycles easily clog up the highway with many trying to get passengers by slowly traveling along the curbside.

Past the commercial/market areas, traffic is free-flowing.

Approach to the San Jose Bridge crossing the Marikina River

There’s a steel structure alongside the bridge that carries water pipes. From distance, the structure together with the bridge makes it look like the San Jose Bridge is a steel structure.

What looks like a hill at the end of the highway is actually part of the La Mesa Dam reservoir and watershed.

After crossing the bridge, traffic is still light but vehicles generally slow down as they approach the end of the highway where there is a junction.

It turned out that vehicles were also slowing down due to major waterworks being conducted at the intersection of Montalban Highway and Payatas Road.

A closer look at the pipes being laid out in the area when we passed by this June.