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The rains and traffic

Last Friday, the midday downpours resulted in flash floods around Metro Manila. The rains were not really a surprise given that PAGASA and other weather reports already stated the high probability of rain that day. It was the volume of rains that day in most parts of Metro Manila and the surrounding areas that caught a lot of people unprepared as many areas including streets experienced flash floods. Most cases were due to drainage systems unable to take in the rainwater because many were ill-designed or were clogged by debris (e.g., garbage, leaves, soil/dirt, etc.). The rains caused or worsened traffic congestion along many roads including C-5, Quezon Ave., and other flood prone streets in the metropolis. It was reported that some areas had zero visibility and so a lot of motorists were forced to slow down in order to avoid being involved in a road crash. It is good practice for all to turn on their headlights or hazard lights during times of heavy rains. If a driver has difficulty driving under such conditions, it is recommended that the driver pull off from the road and wait until the rains have weakened for safer driving.

IMG05748-20130322-1223Atop the C-5 flyover from the Blue Ridge area and moving towards Eastwood, we couldn’t help but quip about the overpass being transformed into an elevated waterway (aqueduct?) as the drainage couldn’t handle the amount of water pouring in from the skies.

IMG05749-20130322-1237Caught this scene of a boat on a trailer apparently en route for delivery. I thought is was at the same time humorous and ironic as rain was pouring around us and some parts of C-5 was already flooded. Perhaps we’ll need these boats to go around Metro Manila in the future during the wet seasons when heavy rains cause deluges in many areas. My colleague noted that the trailer didn’t have a license plate (Note: Trailers are required to have their own registration with the LTO.) and so wasn’t supposed to be on the road.