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Airport limousine bus at Narita

There are several options for passengers to travel between Narita Airport and their destinations in the Kanto area. There are many train services connecting the airport to Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba or other destinations. These include the Narita Express (N’EX), the Airport Narita trains of the JR Yokosuka-Sobu Line, and the Keisei Skyliner. Another option is to take limousine buses from the airport, which includes the Airport Limousine bus from Narita. Information on fares and schedules are available from the internet links I provided.

IMG06520-20130729-1326The Airport Limousine counter at the arrival area where passengers may inquire about services and purchase tickets.

IMG06528-20130729-1404Bus stops are located just outside Narita Terminal 1

IMG06530-20130729-1404The information boards on Airport Limousine stops provide information for the next bus for a particular destination in both Japanese and English.

IMG06531-20130729-1404Smoking areas are located outside the airport and are enclosed. There is air-conditioning for ventilation.

IMG06532-20130729-1409A Limousine Bus bound for the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) is shown loading passengers. I used to take this bus as an alternate for going to Yokohama. My other option was the Airport Narita trains of the JR Yokosuka-Sobu Line.

IMG06533-20130729-1415Back of a bus bound for Shibuya and Futako Tamagawa in western Tokyo.

2013-07-29 13.28.51Airport Limousine Bus ticket from Narita to Akasaka

2013-07-29 13.29.14Baggage claim stub

When I was still residing in Yokohama, I usually took the train to Narita and the bus when returning from the airport and via YCAT. This was because I usually travelled lighter when going to Manila than when I was returning since I brought back some food items for times when I was feeling homesick and longed for something familiar to eat. Cost-wise, the airport limousine bus service cost a bit more but was more convenient for my return trips. Later, in my stays at Saitama, the obvious choice was the bus to and from Narita through Omiya Station as traveling by rail was more complicated due to the transfers. The additional cost is easily justified by the convenience and comfort provided by the bus service.