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Undergraduate research topics on Transportation at UP Diliman, 2013

Topics this year for undergraduate researches on transportation under the Transportation Engineering Group (TEG) of the Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman are quite a mix. There are topics focusing on issues at the the UP Diliman campus, traffic signals, driver behavior, public transport, environment and aviation. Following are the current topics being developed and for implementation during this academic year 2013-2014:

  • Development of a micro-simulation model for the UP Diliman College of Science complex
  • Traffic impact analysis of new academic complexes in UP Diliman
  • Study on parking supply and demand in UP Diliman
  • Field testing of Smart Traffic Light, a video-actuated traffic signal system
  • Pinoy driver behavior at uncontrolled intersections
  • Characteristics of demand and operations of UP-Katipunan jeepneys
  • Improving passenger flows at Metro Manila LRT/MRT stations
  • Use of carbon footprint tool (TransCO2) to estimate carbon emissions and energy consumption of transportation measures
  • Philippine air transport safety: analysis of incidents over the last decade