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NAIA Terminal 1 departures – some updates, Part 1

The long-delayed renovations to the Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 was finally undertaken a few months ago. The much maligned airport terminal has been dubbed as the worst terminal in the world, with poorly maintained facilities including dirty toilets. It is certainly not the worst airport in the country but fails as a international gateway. Here are a few photo I took recently upon checking in for a flight.

IMG10839-20150503-0609The main departure lobby seems so spacious with significantly fewer passengers now using the terminal. Many major airlines have transferred to Terminal 3 including Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta and Emirates.

IMG10840-20150503-0609They must have changed the lighting as the area is not as gloomy as before.

IMG10841-20150503-0610Proper illumination plus what looks like recently sanded and polished marble equals a more refined departure lobby.

IMG10842-20150503-0610Even the check-in counters have been renovated.

IMG10843-20150503-0610Other counters are vacant due to the transfer (temporary?) of other airlines to Terminal 3.

IMG10844-20150503-0652Japan Airlines counters opened just in time and the queues were orderly.

IMG10846-20150503-0653Business class counters accommodated economy passengers whenever they were available (not processing business class passengers).

More on the renovations in the next post!