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Undergraduate research topics on transportation for Academic Year 2015-2016

Our students at the University of the Philippines Diliman are currently making their final presentations for the research topic proposals to be implemented in the next second semester (January to May 2016). The first semester (August to December 2015) focused on research topic formulation including problem identification and formulation, review of related literature, and development of methodologies for data collection and analysis. Here are the topics of our students in transportation engineering and planning (not in any order):

  1. Economic Feasibility of Electric Tricycles as Shuttle-Type Transport Service in Medium Density Residential Areas with Linear-Type Local Road
  2. A Study on Road Public Transport Policies and Planning in Metropolitan Manila: 1970s to the Present
  3. Comparative Study of GrabTaxi and Regular Taxi within Metro Manila
  4. Comparative Study of Uber and Regular Taxi
  5. An Analysis of Road User Behavior Influence on Unsignalized Intersection Performance
  6. An Assessment of Cycling and Bicycle Lanes along Marcos Highway
  7. Energy Efficiency of Electric Jeepneys
  8. Application of Discrete Choice Modeling in UP Diliman
  9. Development of Vissim Traffic Simulation Model of UP Diliman (Focus on Vehicle Characteristics)
  10. Evaluation of Runway Design and Capacity of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL)
  11. Determination of Satellite Parking Locations and Capacities in the University of the Philippines Diliman Campus
  12. Critical Review of Practices Abroad Towards Identifying Pavement Performance Indicators in the Philippines
  13. A Study on the Suitability of Tricycles as an Urban Transport Mode in the Philippines
  14. Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation of the South Metro Manila Skyway Project (Stages 1 and 2)
  15. Predicting Student Trip Patterns Using Enrolment Data within UP Diliman
  16. Video Image Processing for Parking Management
  17. Analysis of Occupancy and Dwell Time of Buses in EDSA
  18. Development of Public Transport Information System in UP-Diliman
  19. Philippine Air Transport Safety: Analysis of Incidents over the Last Two Decades
  20. Evaluation of Transfer Facilities for Public Transportation in Metro Manila
  21. Survey of Maintenance Practices for Concrete Structures in Transportation Facilities
  22. Road Safety Audit Evaluation of Expressways
  23. Calibrating MOBIL Lane Changing Model for Local Traffic Micro- Simulators
  24. Development of VISSIM Traffic Simulation Model of UP Diliman

Again, note that there are many topics here that have as a study area the UP Diliman campus. These are part of the studies the Institute of Civil Engineering and the National Center for Transportation Studies are conducting to address transportation issues in the campus, which is an open campus with public roads.