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If you became the DOTr Secretary, what will be the first things you do?

I saw this article posted on Planetizen about what the new US DOT Secretary would be and should be doing upon his appointment:

Fischer, R. (February 8, 2021) “You’re in Charge of the US DOT; Where Do You Start?” Planetizen,

While, the US needs to implement a lot of projects for their needs and perhaps some catching-up here and there across the country, the term “catching-up” cannot really describe the backlog of programs and projects we need to implement in the Philippines. And so I posted the same article on social media to solicit some reactions. There were some good responses but many I though were on the cliche side. Some even posted about personalities in various transport agencies rather than the reforms needed or the infrastructure required to address transport problems.

How about you? If you were appointed Secretary of the Department of Transportation; where do you start?