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Noise, air pollution and your health

Here is another quick share of an article relating transportation and health:

Hunter, M. (March 27, 2023) “Road Noise Might Be One Reason Why Your Blood Pressure is High,”, [Last accessed: 3/29/2023]

To quote from the article:

“After a median of 8.1 years, the researchers discovered a dose-response relationship: The higher the noise exposure, the greater the risk of having a diagnosis of hypertension.

For every 10 decibel increase (in average 24-hour road traffic noise level), there was a 1.07 times rise in the chances of having high blood pressure. The researchers adjusted the data for fine particles (PM2.5) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) exposure.

Exposure to air pollution and traffic noise exposure led to the highest high blood pressure risk.”

Both air pollution and noise are mentioned as issues to be addressed by implementing programs for sustainable transport. Sustainable transport includes low carbon transport as well as the reduction of noise generated by traffic.