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Tom Bradley International Airport

Before our trip back to Manila, we passed by Los Angeles to visit with family and meet up with friends.  We haven’t seen them for some time including cousins who live outside of LA but drove hours just to meet up. Needless to say, we had a great time meeting up with relatives and friends whom we only communicated with via internet. nd we also managed to squeeze in some touristy stuff like going to see the space shuttle Endeavor at the California Science Center.

On the day of our flight back home our cousin drove us to Tom Bradley International Airport. We normally booked an airport van or limousine but he was free that noontime so we had a free (and more comfortable) ride to the airport. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get photos of the check-in area as it was already crowded when we arrived and we had to split up as I was flying Economy while the wife was flying on Business Class. Here are a few photos I took at the airport:

IMG11452-20150511-1020Traffic congestion at the airport driveway

IMG11453-20150511-1102Upon clearing immigration and completing security checks, passengers are greeted by shops along the corridor to the boarding gates.

IMG11454-20150511-1104Duty Free shops at LAX

IMG11455-20150511-1104Giant video screens show the time and landmarks in other cities around the world

IMG11456-20150511-1104As in many international terminals, there are many high end shops at LAX

IMG11458-20150511-1124More shops, directions to boarding gates and other information are strategically located in the terminal.

IMG11459-20150511-1130Passengers can lounge around the airport as there are many seating areas in the terminal.

IMG11460-20150511-1137Passengers walking around or seated at the terminal

IMG11461-20150511-1137Passengers can walk around the terminal to get the blood flowing if they prefer not to just sit and wait for their flights to board.

IMG11462-20150511-1201Boarding gate for our flight

IMG11463-20150511-1201Passengers waiting near the boarding gate catch up on conversation, read or do whatever they prefer to while waiting for their boarding call.

IMG11464-20150511-1249Another look at the information board on flights as well as the advertising screen at the terminal.

Arrival at LAX

This is a follow-up to the last post on the San Diego Commuter Air Terminal.  I incorrectly stated that the info about the commuter terminal is current but it turned out  that its already closed and flights have been transferred to the main terminal. Thanks to a comment from one of my readers who pointed that out! Anyhow, from San Diego, our SkyWest plane landed at LAX and taxied to Terminal 8. I took the following photos at LAX upon arrival from San Diego.

IMG11207-20150508-1218Instead of a bridge or stairs, the airport was equipped with these combinations of covered stairs and walkways to the terminal building.

IMG11208-20150508-1219These seem to be especially fabricated for small aircraft and allowed for passengers to walk between aircraft and terminal for all weather conditions.

IMG11209-20150508-1222A look inside this ‘tube’ of sorts connecting the aircraft and the terminal

IMG11210-20150508-1222Inside Terminal 8 are passengers waiting for their boarding calls.

IMG11211-20150508-1224Another look around Terminal 8’s pre-departure lounge

IMG11213-20150508-1225Information about departures and arrivals are shown on the screens at the lounge

IMG11215-20150508-1228Long line for the shuttle to Terminal 4

IMG11218-20150508-1235Our shuttle care of American Eagle airlines

IMG11219-20150508-1235I was able to get a photo of an American Eagle airlines plane docked at one of the contraptions for enplaning/ deplaning passengers.

IMG11228-20150508-1239Buses wait their turns to drop-off and/or pick-up passengers at Terminal 4.

IMG11230-20150508-1240While waiting for our turn to alight from our bus, I took this photo of an American Airliner being serviced for luggage/freight.

IMG11234-20150508-1246Moving walkway from the arrival gate of the terminal to the baggage claim area

IMG11236-20150508-1247Information on arrivals served by a particular carousel are displayed on an LED screen. There is also information on the weather.

IMG11238-20150508-1249Passengers crowd around carousel 3 while waiting for their luggage to come out.

IMG11239-20150508-1253Busy driveway at LAX Terminal 4

IMG11240-20150508-1300Crosswalk between the airport terminal and the multi-level parking building

IMG11241-20150508-1301Long line of vehicles whose drivers are fetching arrivals

IMG11242-20150508-1301Parking shuttle and other airport shuttle buses passing through Terminal 4. There are vast parking lots located some distance away from the airport terminals that are used by travellers parking for long periods (i.e., park and fly for vacations or business trips).

IMG11243-20150508-1306Inside the airport parking building across from Terminal 4

IMG11244-20150508-1309Exit from the airport parking facility with the air traffic control tower in the background

IMG11246-20150508-1311The iconic central structure of LAX features modern architecture