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Muelle del Rio

The Muelle del Rio is a riverside road that stretches from Quezon Blvd. (from the ramp of Quezon Bridge) to Plaza Mexico in Intramuros. The road passes under the McArthur and Jones Bridges that cross the Pasig River, and behind buildings such as the Manila Central Post Office, the National Press Club, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Bureau of Immigration.

The stretch from McArthur Bridge behind the Manila Central Post Office is clear of squatters but there are many garbage, mainly plastics, strewn everywhere. There are people “residing” under McArthur Bridge and these homeless people have only their carts or cardboard boxes to protect them from the elements.

The lamp posts along the road look like they were inspired by the capiz windows of old houses. The homeless include the individual pictured here who was washing clothes using the flowing water from various sources including a leaking water pipe. This section is often flooded during the wet season due in part to its location and elevation with respect to the Pasig River.

The underpass at Jones Bridge is another section that is usually flooded during the wet season. A staircase connects the bridge and the riverside walkway cum park. The bridge is currently mentioned in news reports regarding the film “The Bourne Legacy” that will be shot in Manila. The bridge is an old one and considered a landmark in Manila. It has been the subject of many old photos and has been romanticized in paintings.

Vehicles parked along the linear park across the road from behind the Bureau of Immigration. The park is not supposed to be a parking facility but due to a lack of parking spaces for the Bureau and not too many people using the park anyways, parking was tolerated. Perhaps it is better than having such vehicles occupy precious road space. Further down the road, the red tile roof of a  Pasig River Ferry terminal is visible.

The Plaza Mexico Station of the Pasig River Ferry. the Ferry services were suspended last year due to many problems including the lack of passengers.

Plaza Mexico is only a stone’s throw away from the ferry terminal shown in the preceding photo and is already within the walls of Intramuros. Among the historical buildings in the vicinity are the Intendencia, Almacenes and the Aduana, which were buildings from the Spanish Period. Some are currently being restored as part of a heritage initiative in Manila spearheaded by the Intramuros Administration.