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Transport and health

The University College London (UCL) recently released a publication with the title “Transport, Physical Activity and Health: Present Knowledge and the Way Ahead.” It is authored by Roger L Mackett and Belinda Brown of the Centre for Transport Studies, University College London. The material presents an excellent discussion relating travel behavior (like the preference for car use or taking public transport) to physical activity. It should be a good reference for those seeking to explore the link between healthy living and transport and a study that can be replicated in other countries. It should be of interest to cities looking at ways to promote public transport, walking and cycling (sustainable transport). Perhaps our own Department of Health (DOH) should collaborate with the Department of Transport and Communications (DOTC) to put in the local figures so we can determine how much our dependence on cars is affecting our health especially in our cities. The outcomes should further reinforce the need to put up infrastructure to encourage people to leave their cars. Perhaps the more progressive cities or the MMDA could also look into such studies so that we can have a firm foundation for appreciating the benefits of a good transport system and healthy cities.