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Professorial Chair Lectures on Transportation Topics – 2012

The College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman recently held its Professorial Chair Colloquium where lectures were delivered by faculty members from the various institutes and departments comprising the college. Four lectures were delivered last August 10, 2012 at a special session held at the Toyota Training Room of the National Center for Transportation Studies. The lectures were on transportation topics and presented by faculty members of the Institute of Civil Engineering who are also Fellows at the NCTS. Following are the lectures and the presentation files in PDF:

Palmiano, H.S.O., Investigation of Road Crash Causal Factors in Metro Manila, DMCI Developers Professorial Chair: Road Safety Researches HSOPalmiano 10Aug2012

Vergel, K.N., Design of Traffic Signal Timing and Traffic Impacts of the Re-Introduction of Traffic Signal Control at the Intersection of the University Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue, Maynilad Professorial Chair: Traffic Signal Timing KNVergel 10Aug2012

Sigua, R.DG., Microscopic Simulation: A Tool for Evaluation of Traffic Schemes, Prof. Emeritus Norbert S. Vila Professorial Chair: Traffic Simulation RDGSigua 10Aug2012

Regidor, J.R.F., Revisiting the Costs of Traffic Congestion in Metro Manila and their Implications, Pozzolanic Philippines, Inc. Professorial Chair: Revisiting Costs of Congestion JRFRegidor 10Aug2012