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Suvarnabhumi Airport revisited

The first time I traveled to Bangkok in 2002, the international airport was still at Don Muang, which is to the north of the central business district. A few years and few more subsequent visits later the international gateway was moved to the new Suvarnabhumi International Airport located to the east of Bangkok. It is the 4th largest single terminal in the world and has the tallest control tower of any airport. At the time of the transition from the old airport, there were already other infrastructure in place or being constructed for an efficient connection to the metropolis. These included an elevated expressway and an airport rail link. Both cut down travel time between the airport and Bangkok’s CBD significantly. I was able to use the expressway several times in my previous visits to Bangkok but was only able to use the rail link recently. It is a good option particularly when arriving during the peak hours when traffic can still terrible along Bangkok roads and when your destination happens to be accessible via the BTS Skytrain to which the rail link connects at Phaya Thai station.

Following are a few photos taken upon my arrival at Suvarnabhumi after something like 5 years since my last visit to Thailand.

IMG04284-20120924-1551Ready, get set, go? – Filipino overseas foreign workers (OFW) in transit to Dubai and other destinations via Bangkok seem to be rushing to their transfer flight using the moving walkway or “walkalator.”

IMG04286-20120924-1556Long walks – the airport terminal is basically linear and moving inside the terminal would probably require one to use the many moving walkways especially if one is in a hurry to board or for a transfer.

IMG04287-20120924-1557Departures – flight information board for departing aircraft

IMG04288-20120924-1557Can’t get enough of info – overhead electronic information boards for passengers can be quite useful for transfers or boarding information

IMG04289-20120924-1617Arrivals – information board for arriving aircraft are useful to people picking up friends or clients.

IMG04290-20120924-1618Airport concourse – the spacious airport terminal provides enough room for moving around. There are information booths for visitors/tourists as well as those catering to currency exchange, transport services, souvenirs, and snacks.

IMG04291-20120924-1618Up and down – escalators and elevators are available for the convenience of airport users particularly when traveling to or from the rail link.

IMG04292-20120924-1620In transit within – heading to the airport rail link, travelers will be guided by the signs along the way.

IMG04293-20120924-1623IMG04293-20120924-1623Airport rail link – ticket vending machine for the rail express link between the airport and the city center

I will post more photos later of the interior of the passenger terminal. There is not much difference between the terminal as I remember from the last time I was in Bangkok 5 years ago and this recent trip. This will be obvious in the next post on the airport.