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Another look at Narita Airport Terminal 1 – check-in and dining

Last year was quite fun in terms of the travels I made. After about 5 years I was back in Japan for a couple of trips. I decided to stay a couple more days in the last one last October so that I could go around and revisit some of my former haunts in Yokohama and Kamakura. Back at Narita’s Terminal 1, I took the opportunity to take more photos at the departure area.

IMG07171-20131011-1339Entrance to the North Wing of Narita Airport’s Terminal 1.

IMG07174-20131011-1345Information counter and automated check-in machines with a mosaic column as backdrop.

IMG07173-20131011-1345Automated and manual check-in counters at Narita Terminal 1.

IMG07175-20131011-1346Automated check-in machines for Skyteam member airlines (e.g., Air France, Alitalia, Delta and KLM).

IMG07172-20131011-1342Automated check-in machines at the terminal scan your passport and retrieve electronic ticket information. You can select seats using the terminal and it will issue your boarding pass. You can also upgrade your seat using the machine but you would have to pay for the upgrade using your credit card.

IMG07176-20131011-1347Weighing scales are available for passengers to be able to check if their luggage are within weight limits.

IMG07177-20131011-1347My luggage was well within my 23 kg (50 lb) limit. I like to assume that’s because I’m good at packing my things and estimating how much my bags weigh.

IMG07178-20131011-1351Entrance to restaurants and shops inside Narita Terminal 1. Tip to travelers: the convenience store on the right sells all those special KitKat chocolates that you can only buy in Japan (e.g., Green Tea, Strawberry, etc.) at slightly lower prices than other stores.

IMG07179-20131011-1405The Garden Gourmet Court provides many choices for the hungry traveler.

IMG07180-20131011-1406There are also more exclusive restaurants at the airport where travelers, especially tourists, can experience and enjoy Japanese food.

IMG07184-20131011-1419The last time I was at the food court, I went for the ramen so I decided to try out another stall.

IMG07185-20131011-1422I opted for this one that seemed popular enough judging with the number of people who bought lunch there. When I’m traveling, I’ve learned to first observe which restaurants, stalls or shops seem to have more customers especially locals. That is usually an indicator of the quality of the food though some times its because of the prices (i.e., less expensive compared to others).

IMG07186-20131011-1423The chicken karaage lunch set was okay but not as good as the ones I’ve had at the university shokudo or obento shop. I guess the saying “you get what you pay for” applied here. Next time, I’ll stick to the ramen shop.

IMG07187-20131011-1439Narita has an observation deck where travelers, their companions or the general public can sit around and maybe watch the aircraft taxiing, taking off or landing at the airport.

IMG07188-20131011-1440Delta airlines plane docked at Narita Terminal 1 – those are solar panels installed at the terminal rooftop.

IMG07190-20131011-1447It’s pretty windy at the observation deck and this time of year when it’s wintertime in Japan, it would definitely be cold here.