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NAIA Terminal 4 parking

I have written a lot about NAIA’s Terminals 1, 2 and 3 but have featured Terminal 4 only perhaps once or twice. That’s probably because I have not used Terminal 4 as much as the others. All of my domestic flights have been via either Terminal 2 or 3 while my travels overseas are via Terminals 1, 2 and 3. And so I have had a lot of opportunities to also take photos about those terminals. The opportunity to take a few photos about Terminal 4, particularly the open parking area, presented itself last November when I fetched my wife and daughter who were arriving from a local trip one Sunday. My wife thought she had booked a Cebu Pacific flight but that turned out to be what CebGo, which used to be the Tiger Airways Philippines affiliate that Ceb Pac had acquired years ago. These operated from T4. Here are photos of the open parking area across from T4.

Achievers Airport Hotel, which is the nearest hotel to T4

Parking ticket at T4 parking area – the rates are the same for all NAIA Terminal parking areas

Exit from the parking area – T4 is just across from it

Unfinished or just unoccupied area for drivers or shops?

View of aircraft flying overhead

The parking lot doesn’t have a lot of spaces but it was relatively easy to get a slot. I actually waited a few minutes to get a slot and immediately after I parked, a few more vehicles left. So the turnover for the parking area is high enough at least for the Sunday noontime I was there. Perhaps its proportional to the number of people using T4?

Another look at NAIA Terminal 4 departure

Here’s another set of photos care of a good friend who recently went through NAIA’s Terminal 4 en route to Palawan. Terminal 4 was what many people used to call the Manila Domestic Terminal. This was because it used to be the terminal for all domestic flights via Manila.

The concierge’s desk greets travelers as they enter the terminal.

The terminal’s airline check-in ¬†area appears to be very spacious.

It was an early morning flight for my friend and that’s probably why, she says, it was much less crowded at the time she checked-in for her flight.

Passengers waiting for their boarding calls – the concessionaires are visible to the back in the photo.

NAIA terminal transfer guide

I was able to get the following photos of a couple of pages from the Philippine Airlines (PAL) inflight magazine Mabuhay. The photos show an airport terminal transfer guide for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which has 4 terminals. Since I get a lot of traffic and questions about terminal transfers in this blog, I thought it practical and informative to just post these here for everyone’s benefit.

I hope these are helpful!

NAIA Terminal 4 arrival

I was among those initially wondering about which terminal at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) was being referred to as T4. I already suspected that this might be the term coined for the old Manila Domestic Terminal that was the airport of my childhood days (aside from the old Mandurriao Airport in Iloilo City). The last time I used this terminal was in mid-1996 on a trip to Cebu and prior to my study leave abroad. That was more than 18 years ago so when I had the chance to use Terminal 4 again, I decided to go for it. Following are photos I managed to get of T4 as I arrived from Puerto Princesa via Tiger Air, which was operated by Cebu Pacific but used the old domestic terminal in and out of Manila.

IMG09723-20141122-1658Ground staff preparing to position the stairs for deplaning passengers.

IMG09724-20141122-1659 Air Asia Zest aircraft parked in front of the terminal – there are basically two liveries currently in use, the old Zest Air design and the Air Asia design. Air Asia acquired the majority for the airline from Zest Air not too long ago.IMG09725-20141122-1702Airport ground personnel stand around to guide passengers towards the arrival area. Unlike other airports, they are more active in asking passengers not to loiter in the tarmac for photo opportunities.

IMG09726-20141122-1702Another look at the Air Asia Zest planes still in their old livery

IMG09727-20141122-1703We had to walk a bit around the terminal building to get to the arrival area. We had to enter the terminal through a side entrance instead of what looked like the more formal entrance to the arrival area.

IMG09728-20141122-1704Baggage claim area – it looked like they refurbished this area, which brought back memories of the same area I’d seen after arriving from domestic trips (mostly from Iloilo).

IMG09729-20141122-1704Exit from the arrival area leading to the driveway.

IMG09730-20141122-1704Tourists waiting for their checked-in baggage

IMG09731-20141122-1706Information board for arriving flights at Terminal 4

IMG09732-20141122-1706Terminal 4 also serves international flights as can be deduced from the signs and the arrival from Kuala Lumpur shown in the info board in the previous photo. These are flights operated by Air Asia, which is the leading budget airlines in the world.

IMG09733-20141122-1707Busy driveway with drivers picking up or unloading passengers at the airport. I remember this area swarmed with porters back in the day when baggage included a lot of boxes and other stuff people carried to Manila from provincial trips. I still remember one trip by myself during my college days when a porter offered his help with my bags. I didn’t have money to tip him so I told him I could manage (I obviously could not.) but then he helped me anyway, quipping “libre naman iyan” (that’s all free) – a good lesson in humility for me, which I always recall in similar situations.

IMG09734-20141122-1709There is a covered waiting area for well-wishers across from the arrival area exit.

IMG09735-20141122-1711A view of the Terminal 4 driveway as we drove out to go home.