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NAIA terminal transfer guide

September 2017


I was able to get the following photos of a couple of pages from the Philippine Airlines (PAL) inflight magazine Mabuhay. The photos show an airport terminal transfer guide for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), which has 4 terminals. Since I get a lot of traffic and questions about terminal transfers in this blog, I thought it practical and informative to just post these here for everyone’s benefit.

I hope these are helpful!


  1. ronnielim99 says:

    Why is there no clearing Customs in T3? I arrived last week and getting out the airport is a breeze it’s actually dangerous. No inspection at all. I’m pretty this will get abused somehow by smugglers.

    • d0ctrine says:

      I think its pretty lax at all terminals. We easily cleared T2 customs last Friday though in my case I only had 2 pieces of luggage (1 hand carried and one checked-in) with me. Others who obviously did a lot of shopping abroad breezed through customs with the officers-in-charge waving them on as they collected the customs declaration form. I agree this has been and will continue to be abused. Philippine customs still need to do the right thing in terms of inspections and applying penalties to those bringing in excessive amounts of items often declared as “pasalubong” but are actually going to be merchandise.

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