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Hong Kong Airport Express and Shuttle Service

December 2012


Arriving at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA), one has several options for travel between the airport and Hong Kong. The taxi is usually an expensive option unless you are with a group and sharing the fare. The most practical option is to take the Airport Express train, which also provides a free shuttle service from its stations at Kowloon and Hong Kong.

Following are a few photos I was able to take of the airport express trip from HKIA to Kowloon Station. I must admit that as we were quite in a hurry to get to our hotels, I was only able to take a few photos between HKIA and Kowloon. I promised to myself to make up for this on my return to the airport on the way back home.

IMG05019-20121203-1102Waiting for the train – Ms. Vicky Segovia, Executive of the Philippines’ Partnership for Clean Air (PCA), reads a paper while waiting for our Airport Express ride at the platform.

IMG05021-20121203-1110Baggage compartment – luggage rack inside the airport express train.

IMG05022-20121203-1132Directional signs – the signs point to the parking lot (for those who parked their vehicles while away on their trips), the trains and the Airport Express shuttle bus.

IMG05023-20121203-1135HKIA Airport Express shuttle bus counter at Kowloon Station – there are several routes going around Kowloon. One may choose the shuttle according to his/her hotel and there are information to guide the traveler. Shuttle staff are very helpful in case the traveler has doubts about the info he/she has.

IMG05024-20121203-1140Inside the shuttle bus – there’s space for luggage so travelers don’t have to take their luggage with them to their seats. There’s only the driver to help travelers with their luggage but he does well in arranging luggage so people would have enough space.

IMG05025-20121203-1140Luggage rack inside the shuttle – larger bags go under and smaller ones go up. Hand-carried luggage are best taken by the traveler.

More about the Airport Express later…

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