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Another look at the HKIA – arrivals

December 2012


Writing about the Hong Kong International Airport in a previous post, a friend pointed out that I needed to explore the airport to see the other terminals and its amenities. Having used Changi so frequently the past 2 years, I had been quite partial towards Singapore’s airport. And so I made sure I had the time to go around HKIA, particularly upon my return trip to Manila. Following are some photos taken upon our arrival at the airport early this December.

IMG05010-20121203-1023Arriving at the airport, people rush towards immigration expecting long lines at one of the busiest international airports in the world

IMG05011-20121203-1023Moving walkway helps people get around the huge airport terminal

IMG05012-20121203-1043Baggage claim area is spacious and organized

IMG05013-20121203-1058Arrival lobby is sparkling clean and could accommodate passengers and well-wishers without getting crowded

IMG05014-20121203-1058Another look at the arrival area at HKIA showing travelers congregating with their baggage in tow. Around them are shops, visitor information/tourism counters, restaurants and foreign currency exchange counters.

IMG05015-20121203-1058Directional signs and other information are available to travelers and well-wishers. The first time visitor will not have a hard time navigating around the airport.

IMG05017-20121203-1059Directions to the HK Airport Express Trains. The trains are the more inexpensive options to go to Hong Kong from the airport, which is on a separate island. Taking the train to either Kowloon or Hong Kong Station, one may take the free shuttle bus services going around the districts with stopovers at most major hotels.

IMG05018-20121203-1102HK Airport Express platform – one may purchase one-way or two-way tickets at counters or machines at the airport. A ticket to Kowloon Station costs 90 HKD (one way).

More on HKIA and the Airport Express later…

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