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NAIA Terminal 1 departures – some updates, Part 2

May 2015


This is a continuation of the previous article providing updates on NAIA Terminal 1. The terminal is currently being renovated and what used to be the most maligned terminal in the country has improved both in terms of facilities (including the toilets!) and processes (immigration was efficient when I passed through). Here are more photos of the terminal from my recent trip.

IMG10847-20150503-0714The same Duty Free shops were there. The lighting was basically the same but area seems cleaner than before.

IMG10848-20150503-0714There are few Duty Free shops are T1 compared to other international terminals, which are like shopping malls in terms of selections (e.g., Changi, Hong Kong, etc.).

IMG10849-20150503-0719Many areas have been cordoned off for the renovation works at the terminal.

IMG10850-20150503-0719A welcome sight for many, especially those wanting to have a decent cup of coffee or tea would be the Starbucks at T1.

IMG10851-20150503-0720One of the new concessionaires at Terminal 1 is a welcome sight to passengers who before had to make do with food and drink stands that weren’t as attractive.

IMG10852-20150503-0721Another new concessionaire is this coffee shop at T1 offering what looked like fairly prices (for an airport) drinks, sandwiches and meals.

IMG10853-20150503-0727The corridor to our boarding gate has been repaired and cleaned. The carpets no longer looked filthy and were not smelly.

IMG10854-20150503-0728Japan Airlines aircraft docked at T1 sporting its original (retro) logo

IMG10855-20150503-0728Vacant slot and available airbridge at T1

IMG10856-20150503-0728Another look at the renovated and cleaned corridors to the boarding gates

IMG10857-20150503-0728A China Southern Airlines plane at NAIA Terminal 1

IMG10858-20150503-0729Passenger lounge under renovation

IMG10859-20150503-0729Shared lounges for First Class and Business Class passengers of several airlines

IMG10861-20150503-0730Stairs and escalators to the pre-departure area and boarding gates

IMG10862-20150503-0730Souvenir shop at the pre departure area

IMG10863-20150503-0731Final baggage inspection before the waiting area near the boarding gate

IMG10864-20150503-0734Boarding gate for my flight

IMG10865-20150503-0735There were plenty of available seats as passengers only started to arrive at the pre departure area. The seats were basically the same ones here when I last used T1. Though not needing to be reupholstered, these require proper and regular cleaning considering all the people who have gone through the airport.

I will post again soon on Terminal 1 but from the arrival perspective.

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