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Driver’s license renewal at LTO

March 2022


I recently renewed my driver’s license and unlike previous renewal applications, this was probably the smoothest and fastest. Allow me to share my experience in renewing my driver’s license with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) here.

This is the process I went through:

  1. Registered online for the renewal using the LTO’s portal.
  2. Took the online examination required for renewal. [There are educational material online for those who think they need a refresher. You will need to get a 75% on the exam – 30/40 for non-professionals or 45/60 for professionals – to pass it.]
  3. Passing the online exam, I downloaded the result and printed it to bring to an LTO branch.
  4. Went to the nearest LTO branch to have a medical exam. There I learned I could go through the remaining steps after my medical as they noted that I already passed the online exam and had the print out with me.
  5. I submitted the medical exam and online test result, and was given a number.
  6. I paid for my license renewal transaction and was asked to wait for my name to be called for the photo and biometrics.
  7. I was called for the photo and biometrics and waited a few minutes for my license to be printed and released to me.

I understand that there will be variations to the steps I listed above. I originally thought you would have to get your medical exam results emailed to you and that you will have to upload it to the portal before you actually go to an LTO branch for your photo and biometrics to be taken and the processing and release of the license. All in all, it took me under 2 hours for everything even as I had to queue for the medical and the license renewal transaction payment.

Here are some screenshots of the LTO’s portal:

This is where you register or login

Once logged-in, you see this menu for whatever your purpose is such as licensing or checking if you have violations on record. 

My records are clean!

And I have no unsettled or history of violations on record. You will need to check your violations history as a clean slate in the last 5 years (since the last renewal) means you are qualified for the 10-year driver’s license. Otherwise, you will only be renewed for 5 years.

Here’s a screenshot of licensing-related transactions. Unfortunately, the system prevents me from proceeding as I have already renewed my license, and I didn’t want to click on any buttons as it may trigger an unwanted transaction on my part.

Kudos to LTO for improving their system and process. There are definitely other areas for improvement but it is good to know they’re working on the improvements.

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