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Nomination for the next NCTS Director

October 2012


The nomination process for the next Director of the National Center for Transportation Studies of the University of the Philippines is currently underway. The Nomination Committee is comprised of three members – Dr. Aura Matias (Dean, UP College of Engineering & Committee Chair), Dr. Mario Delos Reyes (Dean, UP School of Urban and Regional Planning), and Dr. Rene Rollon (Director, Institute of Environmental Science and Meteorology of the UP College of Science). The nomination was open to all qualified persons from the University and particularly from the units currently having an active part with the NCTS through the Research and Extension Fellows from these units (i.e., Engineering, SURP, National College of Public Administration and Governance or NCPAG).

As of the deadline last September 28, 2012 only one person has been nominated. The lone nominee is Dr. Hilario Sean O. Palmiano, an Assistant Professor from the Institute of Civil Engineering and currently the ICE’s Deputy Director for Students and Alumni. Dr. Palmiano previously held posts as technical staff of the NCTS, first as Transport Development Officer in the early 1990’s when the Center was still known as the Transport Training Center (TTC). Later, he was a University Extension Specialist and headed the Traffic Engineering & Management Group of the NCTS before eventually joining the faculty of the College of Engineering of UP Diliman. Dr. Palmiano graduated with a degree in BS Civil Engineering from UP Diliman and obtained his M.Eng. and Dr. Eng. degrees from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Formal presentations were made today including one on the accomplishments of the NCTS under its outgoing Director, Dr. Jose Regin F. Regidor, also from the ICE followed by Dr. Palmiano’s on his proposed plans and programs for the Center. The presentations were followed by an open forum and afterwards, interviews of stakeholders and the nominee by the Committee.

Dr. Palmiano starting his presentation on his proposed plans and programs for the next 3 years.

Dr. Palmiano reading from his notes during his presentation.

The presentation was attended by staff and fellows of the NCTS.

The Nomination Committee is to complete their evaluation this week and submit their recommendation to the UP Diliman Chancellor next week. The new NCTS Director will assume his post from November 2012.

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