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Undergraduate research topics on transportation

October 2012


Our undergraduate students are presenting today and are divided into two groups: those presenting research proposals under the CE 190 course and those presenting the outcomes of their research implementation unse CE 199. Following are topics related to transportation as administered by their respective groups under UP Diliman’s Institute of Civil Engineering and associated with the University’s National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS) and the Building Research Service (BRS).

Research proposals (CE 190)

Transportation Engineering Group (TEG)

  • Study on Parking Supply and Demand in UP Diliman (Jonard Apilado and Kathleen Perez)
  • An Assessment of Heavy Vehicle Factors and Other Current Practices Relating Traffic and Pavement Design (Maricar Biscocho)
  • Trip Generation and Trip Distribution Modelling of Lipa City (Dominic Aloc and Jan Aaron Amar)
  • Compliance of Jeepneys with Selected National Vehicle Regulations and Standards (Raphael Dela Cruz and Abhigael Marabut)
  • Development of Bus Passenger Origin-Destination Table of EDSA-Commonwealth Avenue Routes (Angelica Neri and Abigail Sunga)
  • Development of Bus-Passenger Origin Destination Table for EDSA Bus Routes with Turnaround Points Covering Southern to Northwestern Metro Manila (Jake Aaron Chua Yap)
  • Improving the Passenger Queue Conditions of North and Taft Avenue Stations of Metro Rail Transit 3 (Michael Macaraig and Marc Cyril Tuazon)
  • Identification of Traffic Bottlenecks inside UP Diliman Campus (Diana B. Andino)
  • Locational Analysis: Centralized Provincial Bus Terminals in Metro Manila (Carl Buzon and Franz Flores)
  • Philippine Maritime Transport Safety: Analysis of Incidents over the Last 10 Years (John Michael Escarro)
  • Blackspot Mapping of UP Diliman Campus Using Google Earth (John Michael Parco)
  • Designing A Simple Procedure to Manually Count Traffic Volumes in Large Roundabouts (Patrick Nepomuceno)
  • Designing Bike-friendly Intersections (Zara Alaira)
  • Motorcycle lane safety evaluation (Fatima Cipriano and Karl Vicenta)

Research Implementation (CE 199)


  • Perception of Traffic Noise Inside U.P. Campus (John Carlo D. Villar and Michelle Monelle S. Quilatan)
  • Level of Service of Pedestrian Facilities in University of the Philippines Diliman (Angel U. Gacutan and Maria Jenna M. Tan)
  • The Assessment of the Effects of Billboard to Safe Driving (Dave Andrei Rivera)
  • Analysis of the Presence of Urban Air Pollutants from Road Vehicles Within UP Diliman (Joshua Carlo S. Padilla and Tsuyoshi A. Sakurai)
  • Assessment of Public Transport Supply and Demand Characteristics for the UP-Philcoa Route (Ms. Jessica Mae Anaque and Ms. Kylie Dianne Erika Landingin)
  • Determination of Walkability Index of UP Diliman (Niki Jon Y. Tolentino)

Geotechnical Engineering Group:

  • Simulation of the Bottom-Up Cracking Performance of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement (PCCP) with Cement-treated Sub-base using the Mechanistic-Empirical Road Design Framework (Ma. Karenina J. Lardizabal and April Anne Acosta)

Construction Engineering & Management Group:

  • Comparison of Strength Parameters of Concrete for Road Application Using Different Types of Cement (Shioichiro S. Sato)
  • Performance of Cement as a Stabilizing Agent for Selected Soil Classifications in Cement Treated Bases (Gerard Christopher Filart Lahoz)

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