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Streets of Intramuros: Solana Street

July 2013


I’m posting more photos of the streets around Mapua and Lyceum. Solana Street is behind Mapua and practically runs parallel to Muralla Street. The southeast end of the street is at its junction with Victoria Street at the Manila Science High School while the northwest end is at the junction with Muralla St. and Andres Soriano, Jr. Ave. at Plaza Espana, where located are the ruins of the Maestranza and the Intendencia.

IMG05491-20130221-1241Intersection of Solana Street with Beaterio Street with an informal pedicab terminal at the corner.

IMG05508-20130221-1606Real Street (view towards the southwest) as seen from Solana Street

IMG05492-20130221-1243A newly built or renovated building is at right across from Mapua. There are many buildings hosting dormitories or rental rooms for students in the area. This is similar to buildings near institutions in the University Belt area where now stands many high-rise condominiums also catering to students.

IMG05509-20130221-1606Intersection of Solana Street with San Francisco Street (left), which leads back to Muralla Street and the Lyceum.

IMG05510-20130221-1606Intersection with Sta. Potencia Street – we caught an amusing sight of these two people who appear to be compacting the asphalt concrete transition between Solana’s lower pavement surface elevation with the Sta. Potencia’s new PCCP.

IMG05511-20130221-1607Vehicles parked along Solana Street and behind the Mapua Institute of Technology

IMG05493-20130221-1243Approaching the intersection with Victoria Street, one sees many signs of businesses geared towards the academic nature of institutions in the area (e.g., photocopying, bookbinding, computer rentals, etc.). The building on the left is Mapua’s while the ones on the right include dormitories or rental apartments on the upper floors.

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  1. […] I friend recently posted on the pedestrianisation of Intramuros and I commented that the walled city that used be equated to Manila should be a prime candidate for initiatives on pedestrianisation. Among the challenges, however, for any project that seeks to encourage walking by reclaiming roads and other spaces for pedestrians in the walled city would be the pedicabs. These are non-motorised three-wheelers that proliferate in Intramuros. There are just too many of these vehicles going around the area. I have mentioned these vehicles in past articles on some streets in the walled city including Calle Real del Palacio,  Muralla Street, and Solana Street. […]

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