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Overnight parking at the NAIA T3 multi-level parking facility

January 2015
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Many have been asking about the overnight parking rates at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 and I had wanted to write on this but just didn’t have the material to share with readers of this blog. I had wanted to verify for myself the overnight parking rates at Terminal 3 but had not used the Terminal for my flights last year, which had me using all except Terminal 3 for my travels. Last weekend, I finally had the chance to check the parking rates as I left my vehicle at the airport for a weekend getaway before school (and work) starts for the second semester at the university.

IMG10027-20150114-0644Parking tickets issued at NAIA Terminal 3’s multi-level facility.

The parking fee is 300 pesos per night. This is a fixed rate and you don’t have to pay additional fees for when you exceeded the hour when you parked your vehicle. That is, even if you parked your vehicle at 7:00 AM the previous day and took it out at 5:00 PM the following day, you still get charged 300 pesos and NOT 300 pesos plus a charge for exceeding 24 hours parking.

For those parking at the multi-level facility, one just has to drive through the arrival level (ground) of NAIA T3 and turn right near the end of the driveway to enter the facility. I haven’t checked if the access at the departure level is open (perhaps a reader can verify this?) but they do have security checks between the parking facility and the terminal itself so people can go directly to the parking area without dropping off their companions and luggage at the terminal. You don’t have to drop-off your companions and luggage at the departure level and then go around the airport road again just so you can park your vehicle at the multi-level facility.



  1. Rhoda santos says:

    Is it safe to leave the car without car cover in the multi parking level at terminal 3

  2. Elenita M. Tumambing says:

    Can we park the car for 1 week?. How much is the rate?

  3. Jaki says:

    Just wanna share for update.. I parked my car on the 21st of jan 2017 of 5:30pm and came out the 25th around 1am.. just paid 1,200 php ..
    I was a little hesitant at first because pf the disclaimer at the back pf rhe ticet which says that all vehicles over 24hr period will be reported if there were ni prior arrangement.. but a little bit of courage and internal rationalization.. I finally parked..hehe

    • Anna says:

      Hi. Did you inform the parking teller that you were leaving your car for that long? I parked there yesterday and now i’m in Bangkok and just read about the disclaimer now. I just parked there and left Manila without informing the parking teller. Will be back on Monday afternoon.

      • d0ctrine says:

        You really dont need to inform them that youre leaving your car there for a few nights. Im sure most if not all dont inform them about it. Its probably a policy from when they only had open parking. Im also abroad now and left my car at T3. Will be returning tuesday.

  4. glenn says:

    how much po feb 19 to feb28

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