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Some opinions on active transport

June 2021


Here are some good reads for those who are following the discussions and arguments pertaining to active transport:

The statements by Engr. Rene Santiago in the article ticked off some people who suddenly were attacking him instead of addressing his arguments. Unfortunately, Santiago is not on any of the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter so he could not explain his points further. It would have been interesting to read that exchange between him and all comers. Actually, he doesn’t need to be in socmed, and has nothing to prove to those reduced to saying the guy needs to be involved in relevant projects than giving what detractors thought were flawed opinions. Santiago was and still is involved in many projects that are relevant impactful. The body of work speaks for itself unless you aren’t or choose not to be aware of his accomplishments. Perhaps his faults, if you can consider these as faults, are that he is very direct and speaks his mind? But aren’t being direct and speaking your mind supposedly among the attractions of whom old-timers (boomers?) might refer to as upstarts?

Here are a couple of articles from another experienced professional relating about personal experience and expounding on the ideas from Santiago’s interview:

Villarete, N.P. (May 25, 2021) “Walking and biking,” The Freeman, [Last accessed: 6/1/2021]

Villarete, N.P. (June 1, 2021) “The concept of quiet streets,” The Freeman, [Last accessed: 6/1/2021]

These opinions are important in the discourse on active transport that we are currently engaged in. No one has a monopoly on ideas and perhaps we need differing opinions to enrich the discussion. What are your thoughts on walking and cycling? Shouldn’t we also give walking equal if not greater priority in terms of policies and infrastructure even as we push for more bike lanes and other cycling-related facilities?

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