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In-flight meals on board Philippine Airlines: MNL-SIN-MNL

April 2023


Before I start posting about airports and air travel from more recent trips, I am posting on inflight meals on a recent international travel. Such meals are not usually served on-board domestic flight (you can pre-purchase for Cebu Pacific or purchase quick meals on the their flights).

Our first international flights since the onset of the pandemic in 2020 were supposed to be on Singapore Airlines. Inflight meals on board SIA are usually good as per our experience whether on Business Class or Economy. Unforunately, that trip didn’t push through due to a typhoon. We moved our trip and we flew Philippine Airlines instead. Here are our inflight meals on board Philippine Airlines.

My inflight meal tray included an appetizer, a bun and orange juice.

Pasta with chicken and vegetables

Beef with rice and vegetables

We were curious about the packaging for what looked like our dessert with our inflight meals.

And we were delighted about this being an Auro chocolate

Auro chocolates, I believe, currently are the best chocolates readily available on the market that are made in the Philippines via Davao.

I had chicken inasal (hidden under the carrots and broccoli) on the flight back to Manila.

More on inflight meals in future posts!

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