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Walking around in NAIA Terminal 3

April 2012


I had another opportunity to explore NAIA’s Terminal 3 last weekend. The following photos were taken while walking around to kill time while I waited for the arrival of a friend I was fetching at the airport. I arrived early at the terminal assuming it would be difficult to get a parking slot and that the flight would be arriving on time. I ended up eating dinner and having a nice stroll around the terminal building.

Check-in counters for ANA and Zest Air

Shops at the third level of the air terminal (2nd level of the departure area) – there’s also a Mini Stop and 7-Eleven at the terminal.

Most of the shops appear to be outlets for popular brands like Nike, Adidas, Oakley, Delsey, etc.

Queues before the Cebu Pacific counters for domestic flights.

There are many restaurants including the recognizable ones like Shakey’s Pizza, Pancake House, Kenny Rogers, Yellow Cab Pizza and Jollibee.

Screens showing flights scheduled for departure and arrival via NAIA Terminal 3.

Spacious halls of the arrival area of Terminal 3 – surprisingly, the area was not crowded at the time (it was around 6:30 PM when the photo was taken)

Information counters for visitors

Tourist information counter of the Department of Tourism

Newly opened Burger King at the ground level / arrival area of Terminal 3

This way leads to the unopened area of the terminal, which includes space for more shops and the multi-level parking building. On the left side across Burger King are ATMs and counters of banks for currency exchange.

Arrival information just before the exit from baggage claim and customs

Well-wishers view of passengers coming from the baggage claim area for domestic arrivals


  1. Lee says:

    Which way did you go to go upstairs from arrival to domestic. Just tired waiting for a cab in the arrival. I think it is fast if i go upstairs

    • d0ctrine says:

      If you’re taking Cebu Pacific all the way, you just have to go upstairs or approach Ceb Pac staff on the transfer desk. If you’re taking PAL, check first if your domestic destination’s terminal is NAIA 2 (Cebu, Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, etc.). Other cities will have as their terminal NAIA 3 so you just have to go to the 2nd level of the building. For transfers to Terminal 2 or the Old Domestic Terminal (sometimes referred to as Terminal 4), you might have to take a taxi and the easier way is to take the taxi at the 2nd level (Departure) driveway rather than wait for one at the Arrival level. There used to be a shuttle service between Terminals 1 and 2 but there is none for Terminal 3.

  2. harry basada says:

    where is bay 9 in the arrival area?

  3. Nonoy says:

    is there no problem to just stay overnight at TERMINAL 3 to wait for the next day’s Domestic flight to Butuan City?

    • d0ctrine says:

      I think they allow it as they don’t close the airport but there aren’t many benches/seats where you can sit comfortably or take a nap on. If you have companions (especially children) it might be quite an uncomfortable wait. T3 though is spacious so you can probably find a place where you can wait it out. And the comfort rooms are large and clean so that part is not a problem at T3.

  4. gemma fuentebella says:

    Im having an international flight from London via Emirates arriving 10 pm, I booked my domestic flight via Cebu pacfic to Tacloban City on the next day. Where can i get a transfer taxi to get into the domestic flight of Cebu Pacific? How far is it? By the way Im arriving in Terminal 3. Thanks for your help.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Its the same terminal for emirates and cebu pacific. You actually dont need to leave the terminal but just check in at the cebu pac counter. They should have transfer assistance.

      • Gemma Fuentebella says:

        Thank you for your help. One thing more as I got a different flight with my husband, He is flying with PAL from London and got a domestic flight to Tacloban via Cebu Pacific. How he can transfer from NAIA to domestic airport? Is there a shuttle bus? How far is it? Please help as I am confuse with different terminal here in the Philippines.
        Thank you so much.
        God bless you all!

      • d0ctrine says:

        There is a shuttle connecting the NAIA terminals. PAL uses terminal 2 so your huaband needs to get on a shuttle to terminal 3. He can ask the airport staff how to get a shuttle. I hope his layover is long enough since the road between T2 and T3 can be congested.

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