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North EDSA

April 2012


Heading to Tutuban for our technical visit of the Philippine National Railways, we passed along the north segment of EDSA from its junction with North Avenue in Quezon City to 8th Street in Caloocan City. Following are photos showing the overhead LRT 1, the motorcycle lane, U-turn slots and various buildings adjacent to EDSA.

EDSA – North Avenue junction – the blue lane markings designate the motorcycle lane along EDSA. SMDI’s Grass Residences can be seen behind the mall.

Section in front of SM North EDSA – the bus stop beneath the SM Sky Garden is on the right of the photo

Section after SM North – the green building is Quezon City Academy

Section in the vicinity of Roosevelt Ave./Congressional Ave.

Section between Corregidor St. and Roosevelt Ave./Congressional Ave.

LRT 1 Extension Roosevelt Station

Section after Roosevelt Ave./Congressional Ave. before Fema Road

Section approaching Home Depot and Kaingin Road junctionSection across from Shell Station right after Wilcon Builders Depot

Section across from Hyundai dealer right after Shell station

Section approaching Balintawak LRT Station

Section along Munoz Market (note the cart full of vegetables on the right in the photo)

Exit ramp to NLEX at the Balintawak interchange (cloverleaf)

Section of EDSA on top of NLEX (Balintawak interchange)

Section right right after the interchange – vehicles on the rightmost lane are those coming from NLEX southbound and coming on to EDSA northbound

Section after Toyota Balintawak and Gen. Evangelista, and approaching Gen. Mascardo

Section approaching 8th Street U-turn slot after Mariano Ponce

Vehicles stopped at intersection/U-turn slot to allow vehicles turning left from EDSA northbound to 8th Street

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