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Conveniences at the train stations and platforms

October 2013


Japan is also famous for having a lot of vending machines dispensing everything from snacks, softdrinks and beer to toys and electronics, and even shirts and underwear! At the train stations there are also many vending machines in addition to the kiosks that are basically convenience stores. Here are a couple of vending machines and the garbage disposal bins beside them.

IMG07137-20131009-1100Vending machine at a Tokyo Metro platform

IMG07066-20131006-1535Vending machine and telephones behind a kiosk at a JR Line platform

Within the larger stations, there are also restaurants or eateries for those wanting a quick meal but happen to have already gone past the turnstiles. These are not your typical holes in the walls or fast food types. Instead there are also full service restaurants or cafes. Then there are food courts where commuters may have a good variety to choose from like the Tokyo Food Bar that I found at the JR Akihabara Station.

IMG07086-20131006-1654This food bar is very much like the food courts we find at malls. These offer a variety of selections for the hungry commuter. The signboards show the menus of establishments inside the food bar.


  1. Mchan says:

    and it’s GOOD !!! I don’t think that in France I EVER buy anything from a vending machine while waiting for the subway or train but in Japan I know I’ll be looking at all the strange drinks (fav one is milk tea) and buy ekiben to eat in the train…You’ll find regional stuff too that’s really excellent. LIke you showed the machines are really practical -they take bills which for a strange reason seems almost impossible in France!!!– they are combined with bins and people use them. A shopper’s paradise ?!

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