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Some updates on DOST’s AGT

March 2015


Passing by the DOST compound last week, I saw that the newer of the two AGT prototypes the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has funded through the Metals Industry Research and Development Centre (MIRDC) is already atop the test track along Gen. Santos Ave. in Bicutan, Taguig City.

IMG10193-20150226-0743The Bicutan AGT is larger than the prototype in UP. The former is a 120-passenger capacity train while the latter is a 6-passenger vehicle.Ā 

There are four on-going pre-feasibility studies on proposed AGT lines – UP Diliman in Quezon City, Litex in Quezon City, Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan in Taguig City, and Baguio City. I am familiar with the first three, which is being implemented by UP but know little about the 4th, which is being implemented by a private consulting firm. The transport aspects (i.e., ridership estimates) of the Litex and Bicutan AGTs are almost complete and the estimated riderships are not encouraging considering the competition from road-based public transport comprised of jeepneys and tricycles along the proposed alignments.

There is a similar dilemma for the loop option proposed for UP Diliman that will be competing with the jeepneys operating in the campus. That is why another option is currently being studied, i.e., a line connecting Philcoa – the UP Town Center and Aurora Boulevard via UP, C.P. Garcia Ave. and Katipunan Ave. This line presumably would have significant ridership as it passes through major traffic generators in 3 major schools (UP, Ateneo and Miriam) and a commercial area (UP Town Center). It will likely become the mode of choice for people usually passing through the UP campus from Aurora Blvd. to get to Philcoa and beyond, and vice versa. And with the traffic congestion along Katipunan, a transit system with its own right-of-way should have better travel times compared with road-based transport.

A big issue about the AGT vehicles is the certification required before these are allowed to carry passengers in a real system. The current vehicles are prototypes so these will be subject to more refinements towards the model that would actually go into service in the foreseeable future. There is no update on this and the MIRDC and DOST don’t seem to be seeking more rigid and independent tests to certify the safety and integrity of this Philippine-made system. Perhaps the DOTC can help them on this through the LRTA or the PNR?


  1. Rossi son says:

    Hi. Thanks for your updates about AGT Project.
    Would be very much appreciated, If you are able to share more about the feasibility study carried out by UP for AGT system. Do you have more information?
    You may contact me via the email address.

  2. Chopy61 says:

    Considering how much traffic there is in the Philippines, just give them time for the AGT to run. People would rather go on the AGT than the Jeepneys and tricycles on the Litex and Bicutan routes.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Would have been nice to have one run all the way along C6 to Pasig and Taytay. Unfortunately, the DOST seems to be in the process of disengaging on this project of the previous admin.

      • Chopy61 says:

        That’s sad, this project had a lot of potential. Anyway, I rember that there is a similar system to this that is being used as a People Mover. So who knows?

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