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Eating at the Mactan Cebu International Airport

February 2020


While NAIA Terminal 3 has several floors of shops and restaurants, it can get very crowded at the terminal. MCIA has renovated its domestic terminal to include a much improved food court inside (after checking in and passing security) the terminal and restaurants and shops outside. Its food avenue for passengers show us what a modern airport should have. MCIAA definitely did very well here and the design should be a good example for other airports, even domestic, to emulate.

Food court at MCIA domestic wing


There’s food for people of various preferences. You can have pizza, pasta, Filipino dishes, ramen, and of course, lechon


I prefer to have some ramen if I have the time for a leisurely meal. Otherwise, I get my food from La Bella, which has pizza, pasta and paninis. They usually have freshly baked breads and pastries and I usually buy brownies from them. I take these home as my daughter and I love these fudgy treats.


  1. Chris Moreno says:

    Yes, I like it very much too…
    Good style and good quality…
    But sorry, it’s too expensive.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Airport food will likely be more expensive as concessionaires will have to pay for the spaces. But then typical chains who locate there should have the same prices as their other branches.

  2. William says:

    Food in the new Cebu international terminal is excessively over priced. I would advise anyone on a budget to take breakfast at the hotel if they have a flight in the morning
    Even a cup of ordinary coffee costs around 300 peso, small snack meals in excess of 700 peso.
    Singapore Changi airport was much cheaper to buy a good meal and coffee as well as offering much more variety of dining options

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