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Motorela – Paratransit in Cagayan de Oro

April 2023


Our recent trip to Cagayan de Oro reacquainted us with their paratransit. While they looked like tricycles at first glance, they are actually 4-wheeled. Instead of a motorcycle with side car (with one wheel), this is a motorcycle fitted with a body that has two wheels (total 4). These are called motorela, which look like the Thai tuktuk.

These can seat 9 passengers including the driver. The design though appears to put a lot of stress on the motorcycle due to the weight of the attachment plus the weights of passengers. Typical motorcycles are not built for these loads.

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  1. Steve Smith says:

    I like the initiative of this article, they call their motor “Motorela”, specially made for people with disabilities because it makes it easier for them to ride the vehicle. The other day, my friend who is unfortunately disabled had trouble with a way to go his work. He did not know what to do and asked me if I knew of any paratransit operations that he can avail. Thanks to this article, I will surely tell him about this and ask him to consult local paratransit operations to make his commute easy.

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