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Who’s to blame?

August 2011


I first saw this report about one motorist driving his car straight into a flooded section of a street in Quezon City on GMA 7’s prime time news program 24 Oras last night. I also saw it again on New TV 11’s State of the Nation with Jessica Soho. Friends and former students have posted the video from GMA 7 as well as from YouTube. The guy blamed everyone including the MMDA, the media and the tambays in the area for not warning him about the flood. He never even thought twice about getting angry and virtually berating everyone else. Perhaps it would have served him better if he had an ounce of common sense in him that could have spared him (and his car) from the incident. Now, he is all over the net thanks to the viral video of him spreading around and showing everyone else what many of us have become. He’s practically a poster boy for citizens who do nothing except blame everyone else.

The GMA7 news report may be found here.

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