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Roadworks along Angel Tuazon Avenue, Marikina

November 2011


On my way to the dentist last weekend, I encountered more roadworks during my drive. This time, it was along Angel Tuazon Ave. stretching from Marcos Highway to Sumulong Highway. Due to the rains the past few days, work seems to have been suspended and I saw no one doing anything along the work site.

Concrete pavement re-blocking site along A. Tuazon Ave. – this road frequently goes under water during intense rainfalls brought about by typhoons. Being a truck route also contributes to the road being damaged.

Roadworks along the approach to the junction with Sumulong Highway – one lane of the opposing direction is generally used by left-turning traffic along the northbound side under a countet-flow scheme. I can imagine this causes significant congestion along other legs of the intersection as only one lane is available for the southbound direction, limiting intersection capacity.

Good luck to people passing these areas this week. May you have more patience as you travel.

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