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Persistence of stubornness? Taking photos on the tarmac

June 2012


I took this photo while waiting for our plane to complete boarding procedures at Changi’s budget terminal. Two passengers (not sure if they are OFWs or tourists) stopped on the tarmac and took photos of the plane before each posed to have their photo taken by the other. They were so obvious and took quite some time on the tarmac that I was already anticipating Changi security personnel to approach them and instruct them to go and board the aircraft. For some reason, the ground staff did not seem to notice them or perhaps just decided to just let it go as a harmless act. Harmlessness notwithstanding, such incidents are actually considered security issues, which are among those ticked off by people evaluating airports. And this is why for most cases at the Budget Terminal ground staff are strict about passengers loitering on the tarmac including taking photos like what is shown below. I can understand the value, possibly sentimental, of such souvenir photos especially if one is heading home after a long stay abroad as a worker. Still, the time spent should not be as if people were already holding photo-shoots on the tarmac.

Passengers taking photos on the tarmac and near the restricted area with respect to the aircraft

Close-up of the same photo

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