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Walking around HKIA

February 2013


With some time on my hand, I decided to explore HKIA after arriving via the Airport Express during my last visit to Hong Kong. I really haven’t had the chance to go around the airport in my previous trips particularly because I had to transfer between connecting flights. Following are a few photos at the HKIA taken last December 2012.

IMG05132-20121206-1516Entering the huge HKIA terminal from the Airport Express platform

IMG05133-20121206-1516Corridor leading to the driveway

IMG05134-20121206-1516Check-in counters mix with shops inside Terminal 1

IMG05135-20121206-1550Ramp towards the tunnel connecting HKIA Terminals 1 and 2

IMG05136-20121206-1551Tunnel to Terminal 2

IMG05138-20121206-1553Counters for limousine and travel services at Terminal 2

IMG05139-20121206-1554Shops at HKIA include branches of luxury brands. They also have Disney stores at the terminals.

IMG05140-20121206-1554More shops and benches at a passenger waiting area at HKIA

IMG05142-20121206-1615Information board for arrivals and departures

IMG05143-20121206-1615Travelers can easily go around the airport terminals and information such as those shown in the photo are found in strategic locations around the terminal.

IMG05144-20121206-1620Taking a train ride to the satellite terminal where my boarding gate was located, I took a photo of the interior of the vehicle.

IMG05145-20121206-1700HKIA was promoting environmental awareness the last time I was there.

IMG05146-20121206-1700Travelers, particularly children, can have a quick look and learn about the environment in this set-up inside the terminal.

IMG05147-20121206-1700Expansive interiors of HKIA departures level makes people appreciate the space. For a very busy airport, HKIA does not look congested once you are inside the terminal.

IMG05149-20121206-1707A photo of the tarmac taken while I was reclining on what I though was perhaps among the most comfortable chairs in an airport terminal. I was lucky have found one unoccupied and quite selfishly used it until our boarding call.

I think HKIA is indeed one of the best airports in the world. For me, it is a toss-up between HKIA and Singapore’s Changi for the top spot, even considering that Changi had a Budget Terminal. That terminal is now giving way to a larger Terminal 4, which has much expectations riding on it given the airport’s standing.  Not to denigrate HKIA, which I think has better shopping and dining than Changi but there might be other factors where Singapore’s airport is better than HKIA?

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