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The LRT Line 2 Extension gets underway

August 2015


A lot of people have been waiting to see the construction of the LRT Line 2 extension from Santolan in Pasig City to Masinag in Antipolo City. Right after the groundbreaking ceremony last June, there seemed to be no activity along the alingment that was the center of Marcos Highway. Actually, there were already activities as the contractor already deployed personnel to do some surveys including marking the locations of the columns that will support the elevated tracks.

The past week saw the contractor setting up a work zone in the middle of Marcos Highway and stretching from across Robinsons Metro East and McDonalds. The work area included what was the opening for the Felix Avenue-Marcos Highway intersection. This is probably one of the busiest if not the busiest stretches of Marcos Highway so the reduction by one lane for either direction of the highway immediately had a negative impact on traffic. Added to the highway capacity reduction in terms of the remaining available lanes is the further reduction due to the ‘usyoso’ behavor of motorists ‘inspecting’ the work zone as they pass by.

IMG12030-20150804-1805Work zone across from Robinsons Metro East – direction of traffic to Masinag (eastbound)

IMG12031-20150804-1805Work zone at the junction of Imelda Ave. (formerly Felix Avenue formerly Imelda Ave.), Gil Fernando Ave. (formerly A. Tuazon Ave.) and Marcos Highway

IMG12032-20150804-1806Work zone near McDonald’s (on the other side -westbound – of Marcos Highway) and also near a major U-turn slot used by vehicles coming from Imelda Ave that are westbound

Traffic will definitely be heavy along this section and the rest of Marcos Highway once construction is at full swing. I am tempted to say that it might be worse than the NAIA expressway construction site of which the contractor is the same. I just hope the appropriate traffic management measures are implemented and that road users will be cooperative. This will likely be a couple of years’ sacrifice for anyone living along this corridor and the major roads connecting to it. Will there be a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel? There should be as LRT Line 2 will finally be able to serve an area wanting of efficient and reliable public transport.


  1. anonymous says:

    ilang taon ba ang construction nito, at kailan matatapos?

    • d0ctrine says:

      3rd quarter of 2017 ang target completion according to the 18-month project implementation of DMCI. I haven’t seen the info posted on the project site itself but that is for the elevated structure and stations. They will still test the rolling stock along the extension so we probably would be able to travel between Masinag and Recto by 2018 (assuming no delays).

  2. anonymous says:

    24 hours ba ang construction work ng lrt 2 extension?

    • d0ctrine says:

      We can only hope for that. DMCI is also doing the NAIA Expressway and based on what they are doing there, the LRT 2 extension construction will be another grind.

  3. anonymous says:

    tataasa ba nila ang pedestrian o tataasan nila angf viaduct ng lrt2 extension?

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