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Common causes of crashes involving bicycles

January 2016


I found a guidebook of sorts as I browsed one of my shelves for some references on public transport. It was something that I got from a seminar hosted by the Land Transportation Authority (LTA) of Singapore many years ago (I think in 2009.). The book contains tips for road users, whether motorist, pedestrian or cyclist. One page from the guidebook provided a list of common causes of accidents involving pedal-cyclists.


The page is practically a checklist for cyclists – reminding them of items that they need to keep in mind when traveling. In Singapore and elsewhere, there are rules for cyclists to follow in order to ensure safety on the roads. The assumption here is that other road users, especially motorists, will respect the right of cyclists. Each road user is expected to be responsible with his/her behavior whether as driver, rider, pedestrian or cyclist. Everyone is vulnerable and even the most safety conscious and careful road user may be involved in a road crash.

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  1. Anon says:

    I think many cyclists would disagree with the first item. Keeping right over to the side can cause problems, such as cars overtaking when it’s not safe, lack of visibility of the cyclist on bends and if there’s a row of parked cars on the kerb you can find yourself going straight into a just-opened car door if you don’t give yourself room to make an emergency manoeuvre. Perhaps cyclists have different legal status where this was published, but in the UK we’re not actually obliged to make way for faster vehicles to pass.

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