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Undergraduate research topics on transportation 2011-2012

October 2011


The Institute of Civil Engineering of the University of the Philippines Diliman is conducting its undergraduate research colloquium today. Expected to present are students who are either at the proposal stage or completing their research. Topics being completed are the following:

  • Analysis of Road Accidents Involving Children Below 15 Years Old
  • Analysis of the Impact of Billboards on Road Accidents Along EDSA
  • Assessment of the Parking Management System in Shopping Malls
  • In-Depth Comparative Analysis of Female and Male Bus Drivers for Public Transport in Metro Manila

Meanwhile, topics being proposed are the following:

  • Accident Risk by Mode of Public Road-Based Passenger Transport in Metro Manila
  • Analysis of Operations of Electric Tricycles
  • Applicability of Unconventional Transit Systems in Selected Metropolitan Areas in the Philippines
  • Assessment of the Philippine National Railways Commuter Line Services
  • Assessment of the Re-Introduction of Traffic Signal at the University Avenue-Commonwealth Avenue Intersection
  • Development of a Public Transport Information System for the UP Diliman Campus
  • Estimating Ridership for a Proposed Public Transport System for UP Diliman
  • Measuring Delay Caused by U-turn as Traffic Control Facility
  • Quantitative Assessment of Road Safety Initiatives Along EDSA
  • Travel Time Estimation of Jeepneys: The Case of University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City

The coverage of undergraduate research this year concerns mainly public transportation and road traffic safety but with one topic dealing primarily with traffic engineering. It is hoped that these researches would be able to answer certain nagging questions pertaining to transport and traffic particularly where safety and efficiency are concerned. In the case of topics on mass transport such as those on the PNR commuter services and the applicability of unconventional systems such as the automated guideway transit (AGT) and the monorail, the potential outcomes may actually be able to address questions that concern alternatives or options to road-based transport. This is essential and presently a very relevant issue given the shortcomings in transport infrastructure in many Philippine cities and the current efforts exploring the possibility and feasibility of systems that will alleviate congestion and address travel demand. Overall, such researches are targeted towards contributing to the body of knowledge that should serve as inputs to the formulation of solutions suitable for the Philippine setting.



  1. Assessment of the Re-Introduction of Traffic Signal at the University Avenue-Commonwealth Avenue Intersection –> Doc, would this involve microsimulation?

  2. delsie says:

    can we get a copy or read the research about the operation of electric tricycle for our related literature and studies for our thesis? Same topic also. thanks.

    • d0ctrine says:

      The study your referring to is an undergraduate research under the Institute of Civil Engineering. UP policies apply here and that includes your getting the permission of the authors and/or the adviser for access to the final report. You can write to the Dr. Alexis A. Acacio, Director of the Institute of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City for access to the report. Make sure your letter is endorsed by your research adviser from your school.

  3. princess says:

    Can you help me .formulate a thesis topic and title regarding tranrportation buses going to provincial areas??please tnx😀

    • d0ctrine says:

      You’d have to work on that with your adviser at your school. If he/she isn’t an expert on this topic I recommend you change to a topic that he/she can guide you properly.

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