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Level up on buses in the Philippines

April 2013


I chanced upon the demonstration run of an articulated bus for the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) and participants of a workshop on crowd-sourcing that was being conducted that day. After seeing the interiors of the bus, I decided to ride in a vehicle following the bus to take a few photos of the vehicle and also catch the reactions of people along the street who might be seeing an articulated bus for the first time. The demo run (and others in the future) should give people an idea of what road transport still has to offer in terms of vehicles that could carry more people.

artic bus1Articulated bus approaching the EDSA-Ortigas intersection

artic bus2Articulated bus manufactured by MAN

artic bus3Inside the bus, there is space for more passengers than 2 regular buses can accommodate

artic bus4I like the look on people along the streets that the bus passed along. Some were scratching their heads and others had to have a second look (double take) at the long vehicle.

Articulated buses are not new to public transport operations. Singapore’s SMRT operates many of these buses along busy routes. Below is a photo of an articulated bus passing in front of the Central Fire Station across the Funan IT Mall.

IMG01256-20120115-1125SMRT articulated bus passing in front of the Central Fire Station in Singapore

There are other types of buses in service in cities in other countries such as double deckers, and bi-articulated buses (equivalent of about 2.5 regular buses). These buses require skilled driving to ensure safe operations including maneuvering at intersections and terminals. The buses should be suitable for routes with passenger demands between those requiring regular buses and rail transit like routes that can be designated for bus rapid transit (BRT), and with scheduled stops. I am quite optimistic about the future of public transport in Metro Manila and other cities where buses should play a significant role for mass transport.


  1. This is really a good news! This is one of the type of buses RTA Dubai has been utilizing; spacious, comfortable and safe…Thank you DOTC!

    • d0ctrine says:

      This was written more than a year ago and the buses were intended for the proposed BRTs for Metro Manila and Cebu. Unfortunately, nothing came out of that and now the news is that they are again “testing” the buses for EDSA. Crossing my fingers on the developments.

  2. AdrianEM says:

    Very Good indeed. I look forward to the implementation of Easy Tap system same in Singapore, single ticketing system for our MRT, LRT 1, LRT 2, PNR, Pasig Ferry System & hopefully the Comet E-Jeepney. Go and Move forward Philippines.

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