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Calamba-Binangonan boat ride

November 2016


A niece posted on social media about a boat ride she took from Calamba, Laguna to Binangonan, Rizal. I immediately became curious about this as this presented an alternative mode of transport across the Laguna de Bay that could significantly cut travel time between major towns in Laguna and Rizal. Perhaps a boat ride could also cut substantial minutes between these provinces and Manila if only there was a direct connection or service with the Pasig River Ferry. I learned that it cost 50 pesos for a 45-minute trip from Calamba and Binangonan. Both the cost and the travel time are significantly less than what it would take via land and the roads connecting the two towns. I would estimate that the travel time using the South Luzon Expressway, Circumferential Road 6, Eastbank Road and Manila East Road would probably take more than 2 hours and the tolls alone will cost much more than 50 pesos. And this was via private transport. It would be longer and more expensive using public transport considering also that a person would have to make several transfers to travel between Calamba and Binangonan.

img_3465Outrigger ferrying people and goods across the Laguna de Bay (photo courtesy of Zarah Bombio)

The boats are practically the same ones that ferry people to and from Talim Island and my niece mentioned that there is a regular service of at least one boat every hour. Certainly this option should be considered by transport planners as they think of alternative modes for more efficient travel.


  1. Iyah says:

    I love this information. Thanks! Where can I ride boat from Victoria Laguna to Binangonan Rizal?

  2. Iyah says:

    Where can I ride the ferry boat from calamba to binangonan?

  3. Fred says:

    Nice very nice..I will take this route and give it a try..Anyway any info about the schedules of trips

  4. Is there a boat from binangonan,rizal to paete, laguna? Where and how can i contact? Thank you very much for this very impt. Info.

  5. ruel says:

    where is the port in calamba

  6. Marlon Salinas says:

    Brgy. Amplaya Calamba Laguna

    • d0ctrine says:

      There’s no Bgy. Amplaya in Calamba. Is that an old name? Meanwhile, the term “aplaya” roughly translates to “waterfront” and may refer to a port (formal or informal) in this context.

  7. Jihyo says:

    How to Travel Binangonan to talim island and go to calamba laguna ?

    • d0ctrine says:

      Go to the Binangonan Port and inquire if the boats ferrying passengers between the town and Talim are already operating. I assume they are as people in Talim also need supplies.

  8. Danielle Ruth Prado Hipolito says:

    hello! How do I get to brgy. palingon from SM Calamba?

  9. Vicente Coronel Lasay says:

    Please post Calamba to Binangonan
    Boat travel schedules and fares per person
    Yhank You

  10. Madelyn Castro says:

    Hello po, saan po ba ang station nyo sa calamba city? at magkano po ang pamasahe hanggang Calamba city?

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