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More congestion along Ortigas Avenue Extension?

November 2016


There are two malls currently under construction along Ortigas Avenue Extension – SM East Ortigas and Waltermart Taytay. Nearing completion is the SM East Ortigas, which looks like a very big mall. It is the former Ever mall beside Riverside Subdivision and close to one of DMCI Homes’ first developments. It will open on December 2 and there are already a lot of promotional tarps announcing this along major roads including C-5, Felix Avenue and, of course, Ortigas Avenue.

Waltermart is further up towards Tikling Junction. These two are actually from the same mother company SM, which has somewhat diversified its retail business so it now includes the SM malls, Savemore, Waltermart and the newly minted S-Mall. These two are sure to generate a lot of traffic and cause more congestion with the SM East Ortigas already in an area where Ortigas Ave. Extension is regularly congested. I am not aware of any studies conducted with respect to this mall but I assume there is a transport impact study somewhere. Personally, I would ask SM to look into the case of SM Novaliches for something sort of a solution to the traffic problem right in front of the mall. Quirino Highway is widest along the section where SM Novaliches is, with the mall providing a very generous setback to accommodate multiple lanes for traffic to flow smoothly at least in front of the mall. That seems possible with SM East Ortigas especially since there is practically only 2 lanes for the westbound direction of Ortigas Ave. Ext. at this area.

Waltermart is a different thing because it is in an area where there is generally no congestion along Ortigas Ave. Ext. I also assume there is a traffic study somewhere providing traffic management schemes or alleviation measures in case congestion occurs due to the mall and its high density residential development component (it is part of a complex called “The Hive”).

I am speculative about the expansive lot vacated by Mitsubishi Motors beside the Panasonic complex. I wonder if any of the big developers are acquiring it and perhaps developing it into a major mixed use project. There is also the lot where Consolidated Tobacco used to be just across Countryside Subdivision and close to SM East Ortigas. Such future developments require careful study for its transportation impacts and the Municipality of Cainta should take a proactive stance for major developments that will generate  a lot of traffic. Ortigas Ave. Ext., even after some widening, remains as a road with high potential and regularity for congestion. Only a mass transit system can probably decongest it but that will take some time to realize.


  1. Carlo says:

    i dont think na you are right na hindi nagkakaroon ng traffic along waltermart. the congestion would usually start at valley golf and end on tikling roundabout. congestion is really bad here in ortigas ext. since the road only have 2 lanes on both sides. since this is the gateway from the province to the metro i think the government should think about improving this avenue… maybe making it as a highway and creating flyovers so that there would a smooth flow of traffic

    • Carlo says:

      btw i am in love with your blog. i love how youre putting up the history of transportation in the metro and its relation to the rizal province (since i live in taytay) i do hope that more people would realize the value of history and how it had shaped and made our daily lives. history has and will always have an impact to what we are today

    • d0ctrine says:

      Traffic has worsened along that stretch ever and that is due to many factors including the signal settings at Valley Golf and the many driveways feeding into Ortigas Ext. including the one at Singer. There are 3 lanes per direction there but jeepneys, buses and vans often clog two resulting in the congestion experienced. And it will worsen further with the town center-type commercial development at Vally Golf and a mall under construction across One Oasis. The knee jerk solution would be to widen Ortigas Ext. but then we look at Marcos Highway and that wouldn’t really solve congestion. The Ortigas Ave corridor required a mass transit solution decades ago but until now there is no clear path towards realizing that.

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