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New rates at NAIA Terminal 3 multi-level parking

January 2018
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Only last weekend I was surprised to have been charged 840 pesos for what was usually a  600-peso fee for the equivalent of 2 nights parking at NAIA Terminal 3’s multi-level parking. When I asked, I was informed by the staff that they don’t have overnight parking charges anymore effective a certain date. There was supposed to be a sign at the parking entrance but I didn’t notice this when I entered the facility very early (around 4:00 AM) last Thursday. Here’s a photo of the receipt issued to me.

Note that regular rates were applied and zero was charged for overnight parking. Also note the classification as a “regular” parker. Before, the staff just makes the assessment that the person is an ‘overnighter’ based on the info of time-in and time-out (quite easy to see) and issues overnight tickets of 300 pesos each (per night) for the assessed number for the Parker. [I posted about this previously.]

I have another colleague who was similarly charged despite just an overnight. I still have to confirm it but it seems that there really is no longer an overnight parking rate and they just charge you with the regular rates. That means they are now maximising the revenues from parking and no longer provide incentives for those leaving their cars while away on trips. Whether this is something like a progressive initiative for parking or not, its actually going to be a turn-off for many including individuals and families who usually leave their cars when they travel domestically or abroad for business or pleasure.


  1. mmrtinio says:

    Maybe some may opt just to ride taxis or TNVs instead of using their own cars.

  2. Miaa Naia says:

    This is in connection to your complaint at the parking rates at Multi-Level Parking. Allow us to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. We deeply regret of any inconvenience this incident has caused you.

    As advised by the Curbside Management Section, overnight parking is still be used and applied in the amount of Php 300.00/24 hrs. You will be charged with additional Php 15.00 or a fraction thereof in excess of 24 hour-period and as per their record based on your receipt, you have parked at 4:06AM on January 4, 2018 until 7:58PM of January 6, 2018 or a total of 64 hours. Kindly refer to the computation below:

    2 days overnight parking from 4:00AM-4:00AM (48 hrs) 300+300 = 600
    Fraction thereof 5:00AM-7:58 (16 hrs) 16×15 = 240
    Total Php 840

    We hope that we have enlightened you with regards to the parking fee inside the NAIA Complex. Rest assured that we will constantly monitor the improvement of our terminal to provide an excellent quality of service to our valued clients.

    Thank you.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Thanks for the reply and clarification. This is great information to all using the parking facilities!

    • Ernesto Jaurigue says:

      Dear Sir or Ma’am:

      May I just asked how safe it is to park at T3 multi-level parking at NAIA? How is the security going there? We are planning to park overnigth for 3 days.

      Thank you.

      Erni Jaurigue

      • d0ctrine says:

        I believe its safe and secure for your vehicle. I’ve left my car many times and returned to find there’s no dent or scratches to it. So far, I’m not aware of any incidence of theft. They have roving guards at the facility.

    • jhun says:

      hi Miaa Naia, if my total time is 23hours and ++ minutes (i.e 1 minute), will it be considered as 1 overnite parking and will be charged 300 or will I pay php15 * 24 (since it’s a fraction of an hour) = 360? If 360, then better leave the parking after 24hrs and ++ minutes and pay 315 (300 overnite + 15 for fraction of an hour)

    • Bernadette Reyes says:

      HI MIAA, NAIA,

      Is this the same rate as to terminal 1?

  3. Volts says:

    Greetings. I inquired at naia T3, they charge P300 per day/24hrs, and P15 in excess of the 24 hour period. Since you incur 63 hrs and 52 mins, thats equivalent to 64 hrs. 48 hrs is 600, and excess 16 hrs is 240, thus the fee of 840

    • d0ctrine says:

      Yes, that’s exactly what NAIA staff stated in their comment last Feb. 22. But just to clarify, they previously charged a fixed 300pesos overnight regardless of the excess hours. It was simple and less expensive.

  4. Alice Gianan says:

    How safe is leaving your car at naia 3 multilevel parking? I read there was some modus years ago that batteries of parked cars were discharged and then some guards will approach the car owner to offer some series service for a fee. This was even reported in the news by noli de castro.

    • d0ctrine says:

      I can only speak about my experience as well as those I know who also regularly leave their cars there. So far, so good for us and we have not had any untoward experience pertaining to safety and security at the NAIA 3 multi-level parking. I am not aware of any modus but that’s just me.

  5. James Vinoya says:

    I am planning to park my car from March 28 at around 6:30 pm up to April 1 at around 12 midnight.can you give estimate how much would I pay?hope to here from you soon

  6. Mryna Mailom says:

    Is the car key surrendered to the parking staff after you leave your car? I plan to park my car for 4 nights/5days this week.Thanks for the response.

  7. Peejay says:

    So, it’s relatively cheaper than Park N Fly? Flying out this Friday, early morning and be back Monday night.

    • d0ctrine says:

      A little cheaper and definitely not as crowded as Park N Fly.

      • lekashyboi says:

        True. I inquired with park n fly just a few days ago and they mentioned a daily rate of 340pesos but also no guarantee of covered parking because its fully booked. So there is a chance that my car will be baking in the hot sun for 4 days while i’m gone. definitely a big no-no.

      • Peejay says:

        Thanks! Will be flying out tomorrow, back on Monday.

  8. Chie says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is it necessary to inform the staff/guard that you park for a days?


  9. Agnes says:

    Mag kno po ang parking rate nyo pg ng oark kmi ng may 22 hangan may 26

  10. evie says:

    need po ba ng reservation bago ang araw ng pagpapark? para lang po masure na may available that day bago kami magdecide na magdala ng sasakyan.

  11. Ria says:

    The mathematics is correct. I left my car and motorcycle at MIAA T3, so far so good (based on my experience), it feels like you parked at malls as well. Thank you very much.

  12. pedrofied says:

    I admire your patience in answering everyone’s questions. maraming hinid nagbabasa ng iba ang replies eh andun naman na yung mga sagot sa tanong nila.

    god job ka. just saying.

  13. ArMikes says:

    Is there a limit of days in parking your car? If i will park my car fo a month for example…i understand they will charge you 300 per 24 hours period…do i need to inform them how long i will be using their parking lot……

    • d0ctrine says:

      From what I understand, there’s no limit but they are charging by the hour so it ends up quite expensive for long term parking. Security goes around and they may be suspicious of your car so maybe it’s a good idea to inform them about it.

  14. Alvin says:

    Hi MIA, is there any considerations when domestic flights are delayed (as always) which we will be charged of additional hours in parking or even worst an overnight? Or MIA will just pinpoint the issue to Airlines and Airlines also pinpoint MIA?

  15. kim says:

    D x 300 + H X 15 = total, where D – number of Days, H – number of excess hours

  16. Luther says:

    Question,i neeed to conferm it is there no charge anymore for parking in terminal 3?specially those people who travel there pleasure?

  17. Ernesto Bustillos says:

    We’re flying out from T2 and if we park at the T3 multi level parking place, how do we get to T2? Is it too far to walk with a luggage or do we need to get a taxi or any transportation to bring us to T2 departing lobby?
    Thank you.

    • d0ctrine says:

      T2 is far from T3 so the best option is to take the airport shuttle bus that circulates between the 2 terminals. The shuttle is free the last time I checked. Just be sure you allot some time as roads can be congested between the 2 terminals.

  18. Mark Natividad says:


    I plan to park at the multi-level parking at T3 for around 78 hours or 3 days and 6 hours.
    (P960.00 in this case if using the same formula)

    Is the formula below still applicable and how is the parking security going these days? Based on your experience, is it hard to find a parking slot there around 11 am? Thank you.

    D x 300 + H X 15 = total, where D – number of Days, H – number of excess hours

  19. Ice says:

    Hi! Parking is open 24/7?

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