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On the DOTr Guidelines for Public Transport – Layouts for Distancing

May 2020


Here again, for reference, are the guidelines issued by the DOTr in relation to the transition from ECQ to GCQ and beyond (immediate rather than far future). The following images show the physical distancing prescribed for road transport.

The last image for the tricycle is something that should have been allowed at least for a limited number of tricycles during the ECQ period. That could have eased transport woes for many people especially those who had to walk long distances in order to get their supplies. Some LGUs like Davao were able to issue Executive Orders to that effect that the IATF did not contend (or is Davao a special case?). Now, we see a lot of LGUs issuing EO’s and ordinances allowing public utility tricycles to operate again but limiting their numbers through odd-even schemes. Perhaps the same should be applied to pedicabs or padyak (non-motorized 3-wheelers), too.


  1. Norie W. Calida says:

    Hi Sir/Mam,

    Kapag 3 seater po ang aming shuttle service, ang physical distancing po ay 1 seat apart din, katulad ng sa public transport? Non aircon po ang shuttle service na gamit namin

    Thanks po, we will highly appreciate your response on our inquiry.

    • d0ctrine says:

      Hi, Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, hindi ako Tagalong-DOTr o LTFRB so hindi ko masagot officially ang tanong mo. Ibase na lang po natin sa mga layout na binigay ng DOTr sa FB page nila.

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